The Muslim Reconquet

Written By:  Melissa Frausto ’25 (Session 2)

When visiting Toledo, you can visibly see the three major influences of religion: Jewish, Islam, and Christianity. These major religions created historical sites and led me to its architecture and layouts’ beauty. The influences create the beauty of this town and gearing towards its future. 

The Muslim reconquest had the community become tight-knit. Like any community would do in its difficult times. Their faith and approaches to their religion made me realize how similar religion can be. How most religions believe in a higher power. How humans and the world around them are descended from a higher power. Even when it came down to separating the groups, they still thrived in their element of morals, values, network, and trade. 

I would say that humans tend to align themselves with religions but we must remember that we thrive most when there is a community among us.

In a recent site, the Alhambra, I could not help but think about the beauty of the gardens. How the colorful selection of flowers and the walkways through them all. I was most struck by the water fountains and how these gardens are meant to get in touch with our senses and ground us in the beauty of nature. 

When we think of other countries, we often think of the stereotypical approaches and have the mindset of going to tourist places (which we did) but I know and believe that whenever we encounter these kinds of places; we need to ground ourselves. Stop the moment and take in the senses and also believe that we are where we are, Spain.

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